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Namibia Renewable Energy Business Summit

Date: 27 November 2021

Time: 14h30-17h30 Dubai time

Venue: Business Connect Centre-Abu Dhabi Hall- UAE, Dubai Expo Site, near Al Wasl

Co-curate partners: Ministry of Mines and Energy, NIPDB, NamPower, ECB and IPPs

Namibia has set an inclusive and universal energy supply across the country as a primary target to be accomplished by the year 2030. This indicates immense opportunity for the country’s energy sector. Namibia is endowed with excellent untapped renewable resources in the world, more than sufficient to meet domestic needs.

Economic activities in Namibia are heavily dependent on energy input. The more the economy expands the more energy it requires to grow. To fully industrialise, energy is a primary enabler in driving Namibia’s economic development activities. The country is investing USD$575 million in energy generation and transmission between 2020 and 2022 for the provision of affordable and reliable solar and wind power generation.

The summit aims to give an overview of investment opportunities in the renewable energy sector and processes to be followed by potential investors. The summit will focus on key outcomes and case studies of Namibia’s journey towards becoming a green economy by 2030.

During the summit there will be keynote remarks of current policies advocating renewable energy in Namibia by the Hon. Minister of Mines. A face to face presentation on renewable legal frameworks by the  Director of Energy in the Ministry of Mines and Energy, renewable energy generation projects by NamPower, and Electricity Control Board on enabling technical regulation. Lastly, a case study presentation by Independent Power Producers (IPPs) in Namibia highlighting investment opportunities from the investor’s private sector perspective.

  1. Contacts Namibian Expo 2020 Dubai:

    Deputy Pavilion Director

    Ms. Selma Namutuwa


    Cell no: +264 81 142 4514

    Renewable Energy Expert

    Mr. Demetrius Jonas


    Cell no: +97 154 357 4257

    Administrative Officer

    Ms.Wilhelmine Veripi Kandjou


    Cell no: +264 81 885 2595

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